Live edge river tables have become all the rage on Instagram and to furniture aficionados. Especially when it comes to woodworkers or lumber specialists it is just another great way to highlight the beauty of an already gorgeous piece of wood from the sawmill. What is a river table? Some people have asked. Or how do you make that and why is it blue? Well here’s a secret it doesn’t have to be blue. The river also doesn’t have to be the shape that the wood provides but is very cool if it is. For the Eco Friendly Lumber team its just another day at the lumber yard. Let us take quick synopsis of what it takes to make this type of piece.

The process starts by finding the right piece of wood. It will need to have it cut down already. You can find pieces like this at Eco Friendly Lumber (EFL). The next step would be to finish it. There are a few steps to finishing a piece of wood but for this purpose having it surfaced or sanded is needed. It is a time-consuming task and can be completed by EFL for a small fee. The resin is mixed and poured into a basin that needs to be made to fit the particular live edge wood slab piece. The amount of the epoxy will vary based on the size of the gap. Mica is mixed in the epoxy to achieve a desired color. Live edge river tables have become all the rage because they are so pretty to look at and typically have customization and are totally unique. Speaking of custom, EFL has also taken the design to the next level and cut the Potomac River into a slab with their CNC machine . This machine can also cut logos and letters. You can find both of these items at Inca Social in Fairfax, VA.  Once the piece has been kiln dried and been sanded down a coat of finished is applied and attached to a custom metal or wood base of choice. Metal has been a very popular choice for these pieces. EFL can also custom make a metal base for you at the sawmill.

River tables require a lot of care in making them so purchasing from a local artisan is currently your best bet for acquiring one. It is more of a modern piece but, could easily be blended into a transitional home décor style setting. You can request a piece to be custom made to suit your space. Things to consider is the size, color and configuration. If this is over your head do not hesitate to ask custom questions to the Eco friendly Lumber team they are all on site every day but Sunday. They know all about Live edge wood and slabs.

A wooden board with blue paint on it
A table with a blue stain on it in the grass.
A large gold bowl sitting on top of a table.