Do I have to make an appointment?

No you do not need an appointment. Although we like to know when you are coming and is good to give us a heads up. But, do know you are always welcome during business hours.

Can you cut my log?

Yes, we’ll cut your log. But, you will have to arrange getting your log to the shop/mill for us to do so. Are minimum cut length is 6' and max cut is 20'.

Do you make custom tables?

Of course! Our knowledgeable team members are ready to answer your questions. If you can dream it we can make it.

Where do your logs come from?

All of our Lumber is produced from trees locally salvaged from construction sites in Northern Virginia. We save these trees from the chipper or grinder and then we recycle these logs into beautiful lumber.

Is your lumber kiln dried?

Yes, we have a state of the art kiln that dries all of our wood to an optimum level to reduce and bowing or cracking.

How did you get started?

We started by taking logs that all other saw mill companys didn't want. Such as logs with unique shapes or size. For us the funkier the better!