What makes us Eco-Friendly?

Our sawmill specializes in salvaging trees from construction sites and turning them into beautiful furniture and artwork. Logs that otherwise would have been thrown into a wood chipper or grinder, get delivered to us to be milled into lumber and live edge slabs.

All our “scrap wood” is used to power our boiler heated kilns that dry the wood. We even collect our cleanest sawdust to sell to local farmers for farm use. We use as much from the logs as possible! 

Our fuel efficient sawmills allow us to mill salvaged logs from 2ft up to almost 6ft wide! All the lumber is then hand-stacked, kiln dried, and displayed for sale in our lumber barn to be purchased for your next project!


Meet the Team

We are a small working shop but take pride in every piece. Our team works hard to deliver the highest quality products that will last for generations to come!


Live edge slab of maple reclaimed

Russell Martin 

Founder, Owner, Expert Sawyer

Russell grew up in the Northern Virginia area and has been wood working for decades. He found a love for recycling wood when we discovered the amounts of beautiful logs going to waist on construction site with all of the surrounding development. He also has a knack for customer service and creativity. You will find him with his dog shadow Frankie everyday but Sunday.


Scott Petercsak

Production/Shop Manager

Scott came to Eco Friendly Lumber with a background in refinishing furniture and building cabinets. But his love for furniture and woodworking began long before that.  From tree houses to street luges he was always building something as a kid. The lessons learned from every piece he’s built and his attention to detail make him an outstanding woodworker. He’s grateful to do something he loves for a living and can’t wait to take on your next project.   

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