• Kiln Dried Lumber, custom sawing.
  • Custom Carved Benches
  • Custom Chainsaw Carvings
  • Facebook/EcoFriendlyLumber
  • Custom Wood Working
  • Slab Tables, We also sell slabs.
  • Recycled Trees
  • Start Your Project Today!
WELCOME TO ECO-FRIENDLY LUMBER1 Kiln Dried Lumber, custom sawing.2 Custom Carved Benches3 Custom Chainsaw Carvings4 Facebook/EcoFriendlyLumber5 Custom Wood Working6 Slab Tables, We also sell slabs.7 Recycled Trees 8 Start Your Project Today!9


All of our Lumber is produced from trees locally salvaged from construction sites in Northern Virginia. We save these trees from the chipper or grinder and then we recycle these logs into beautiful lumber and slabs with are fuel efficient sawmill. We dry are lumber with a state of the art kiln, all onsite therefore reducing transport energy.

We are not your average furniture factory. Log to furniture as green as possible. We sell slabs and Lumber for any project. If your into wood and woodworking you need to discover us.

We offer custom wood products any size up to 6ft wide. Bar tops table tops, rustic and reclaimed lumber for any design. If we do not have it in the size your looking for we can make it. We have a great selection of wood products and the best prices around. Come out for a tour and check out are great prices.

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